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About Kat and JP

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Kat and JP grew up in NY. They met at SUNY Purchase College where they graduated with degrees in Music Composition and Music Production. Kat was an artist herself and had been studying jazz and recording with legendary songwriters Carole King, Sturken and Rogers and Paul Williams. She worked singing backup for Alicia Keys, Kesha, My Chemical Romance, the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Myers, and was pitching pop/R&B songs and vocal coaching for pop artists like Joss Stone. JP was in a punk band and had a publishing deal developing artists of his own. They ended up marrying their musical styles (and each other), and in 2008 they started their career together writing for Sesame Street. Since then they’ve been composing for shows and artists, vocal coaching artists and actors, and producing music and underscore, making a career doing what they love. Their goal is to bring legit, radio-ready music to kids of all ages, especially their own two young children Ella and Ben.

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